Nestled within the coconut groves between Patnem and Palolem beaches in South Goa lies Bhakti Kutir: a safe, natural space offering individual cottages and huts, wholesome food and drink, which is organic wherever possible , yoga, meditation, relaxation, body work, treatments, therapy, music, and other events.

We at Bhakti Kutir respect nature and have fashioned the grounds and cabanas accordingly.  Rather than have an area stripped of vegetation with a few plants in pots – as is so often the case – we have instead, over the years, encouraged bio-diversity by planting and tending local plants. We feel our hotel is unique and leads the way in providing guests with a more natural environment in which to appreciate the beauty and serenity of nature.

Established in 1996 Bhakti Kutir has been through many changes and continues to evolve with the core aims of providing a health-enhancing and restorative environment and diet but without fanaticism. Yes!, you can eat pasta, Goan fish and chicken dishes, cakes and rich foods, smoke and drink alcohol as you wish, but you also have the choice to eat raw, vegan or salt-free dishes and to drink freshly prepared juices and smoothies, with optional superfoods or green barley grass,  home made yoghurts or keffirs, and fresh flaxseed oil.

Healthy living is available BUT it is not compulsory!

It is our belief that enjoyment is the most wholesome remedy for the pressures of life. Guests can make their own choices in a completely informal environment: from relaxing under the Bhakti Kutir coconut palms or on one of the nearby beaches; to participating in the night life on Palolem beach;  taking sightseeing or coastal boat tours; to participating in a wide range of healing and body work programs.

We offer a social and restaurant space that creates an excellent zone to meet interesting, creative and holistic people from different parts of the globe. Our amphitheaters are used for yoga, cultural programs, and music events.  Families are welcome, with many of our eager smaller returnees growing-up with Bhakti Kutir as one of their annual  treats.  We have wifi in the restaurant along with a pool table, we offer a laundry service and childcare and schooling options are also available..

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